Special Transformers like Converter and Earthing.

Products designed, manufactured and tested to comply with national and international standards including IEC-60076 / IEC-60076-11 / ANSI C57 / BS-171

AJTS develops the design using fully computerized techniques. All drawings are prepared on computer using CAD Software. Extensive analysis by an interactive computer program is used to obtain optimum designs, which meet the requirements of the customer specifications and the relevant standards.

Fixed Speed Drive Transformers for well head application ( 6, 12 & 18 Pulse )
Variable Speed Drive Transformers for well head application ( 6 , 12 & 18 Pulse )
Package Substation with RMU (Type of Insulation: SF-6/Oil) & LV Feeder Pillar.
Transformer Skids with LV Feeder Pillar & RMU.
Power Transformers up to 6,000 KVA, voltage up to 36kV.
Ground mounted Distribution Transformers up to 36kV.
Pole mounted Transformers up to 36kV.
Core coil assembly
Core coil assembly drying
Tanking & Oil Filling
Testing & Dispatch
KEMA SC Test Certificates
Maintenance & Services

AJTS provides maintenance service and spare parts for all types of transformers