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Test Facilities
machinery and equipment

AJTS has facilities to carry-out following Type/Special Tests also as per IEC-60076:

Impulse Withstand Test

Capacitance & Tan Delta Test

Temperature Rise Test

Zero Sequence Impedance Measurement

Partial Discharge Measurement

Digital Power Analyzer


Ratiometers (Analog & Digital)

Single Sheet Tester for core loss measurement

200 HZ Generator

100 kV test Transformer

5 kV Test Transformer

100 kV Oil Test Set

Major Test Equipment

Major Test Equipment

0-1200 V, 100 A Dimmerstat

Leak Testing Equipment

Frequency Meter


High precision Current & Potential Transformers

Partial Discharge Measurement System

Digital Thermometer

Noise Level Measurement


Digital Insulation Tester 5000 V

Capacitance & Tan Delta Meter

400kV Impulse Test System

Peak Voltage Divider for High Voltage (100 kV)

C.T. Selector Switch

P.T. Selector Switch

Intl' Certifications